How do I enter a photo into the contest?

Photos must be submitted via the website for contest entry. You may submit one photo per prompt.


How do I know if my photo "won" for that day?

All winning photos will be announced at "The 18th Day" gallery opening at Geeksboro on November 8, 2014.


Do I have to submit photos everyday?

No. You can participate in as many of the 17 day photo prompts as you would like. Take note though, you are only eligible for the "Portfolio Award" if you have submitted images each day of the contest.


Do I have to live in Greensboro to participate?

Absolutely not! 17x17 was designed so that anybody, anywhere can participate in 17DAYS!


Do the photos I take have to be of the 17DAYS events?

Photo submissions do not have to feature the 17DAYS events. However, with such an awesome schedule of artistic events, there would definitely plenty of opportunities to catch some great photos!


How do I know what the prompt is each day?

Prompts will be posted each day on the website, social media accounts, and within the Greensboro News & Record.


For more details about 17x17, please refer to the CONTEST GUIDELINES.